The night of my 15th b-day

Tonight is going to be a lot of work since all my friends are coming over tomorrow. I have to set up the basement with snacks, balloons, beds, and activities. First I have to go to the store to get all the supplies, then I’ll come home to set up. I should be done by 8:00. Then I will go to sleep and wait for them to come over tomorrow. 

OMG. I’m a cat. I had just finished decorating, went to bed, and now I’m a cat. What do I do? They’re all coming over in four hours. My mom is calling me. I can’t talk. Oh no, oh no, oh no. Ok I’m going to google what to do when you turn into a cat. Google says, there is a place in Missouri where you can buy a new product called No More Kitty Cat Spray, but how am I supposed to get from Wisconsin to Missouri in 4 hours without my parents finding out?

I have a plan. I booked a flight that leaves in 10 minutes. I can run to the airport and sneak on the plane, plus the plane lands only 1 mile from the store, so I can just run that. All of that will only take me an hour and a half so I’ll have plenty of time to get back. Time to go. I left a note on my bed saying that “I went to the store for supplies and I’ll be back soon,” just in case my parents worry. 

I just snuck on the plane, I’ll be landing in 25 minutes. We landed! I’m so car sick, it’s time to run to the store. I made it to the store but on my way there 3 kids tried to pick me up and take me home. How rude. 

I prance into the store and no one sees me. I’m going to jump up on the counter and start meowing, maybe they’ll see me then. The woman who owns the shop came over to me. She handed me a piece of paper, and said “what do you want?” So I wrote down that I wanted No More Kitty Cat Spray.

She then took the paper, and started spraying me down with the spray. It took 5 minutes, but I’m now a normal 15 year old girl. 

I made it home just in time to meet my friends. I’ll never forget the night of my 15th birthday.

The End.

Written by Avery