Meet the Taradiddle Judges!

Picture of Julie Dahsm with her dogs, Stella and Penny.
Julie Dahms

Meet Julie here.

Jimbo is pictured here with his dog at his bookstore, The Book Deal
Jimbo Jacobs

Meet Jimbo here.

Anna Kelton, DVM is pictured with one of her many favorite feline patients
Anna Kelton, DVM

Meet Anna here.

Picture of Kim Marie, author of A to Z Animal Picnic
Kim Marie

Meet Kim here.

Picture of Heather Primm with one of her hens.
Heather Primm

Meet Heather here.

Picture of Andrea Sachs with her foster dog, Olive.
Andrea Sachs

Meet Andrea here.

Picture of Lark Sontag and her cat, Hobbes
Lark Sontag

Meet Lark here.