Anna Kelton, DVM

Anna Kelton is a feline-specific veterinarian in Madison, Wisconsin.  She practices at Cat Care Clinic and is madly in love with all of her patients.  On the job, Dr. Kelton especially enjoys imaging, endocrinology, geriatric care, and participating in clinical trials.  When not tending to the health needs of Madison’s felines, you can find Anna reading, gardening, reading, cooking, or reading.  Avi, Roald Dahl, L. Frank Baum, and J.K. Rowling were her favorite authors growing up.  She felt most excited to write in her poetry and foreign language classes in school, and still greatly admires the creativity it takes to wield a pencil.  Though veering more toward the sciences and away from the creative arts as time passed, she still tries to incorporate playfulness and her “imaginoscope” into each day.  Working with non-English-speaking patients requires her to listen closely to all the other cues, and she does her best to translate.

Anna is looking forward to reading many stories and hearing others’ visions of the universe around them.  Write on!