Sachie’s Midnight Stroll

Once upon a time, in the depths of the Assura Bay Aquarium, lived a giant Pacific octopus named Sachie. Every night, she would sneakily slip out of her tank, going for a walk through the aquarium. It’s not that she doesn’t like living in her tank, Sachie just loves thrilling adventures and taking midnight strolls help her to fulfill her wish.

On this particular night, Sachie squished out of her tank just like the other nights to take a look around the aquarium. When she got out, she saw flashing lights coming out from a tank where Aki, the electric eel lived. Her curiosity got the better of her as she inched closer, and before she knew it, the brilliant lights enveloped her. Sachie, unable to withstand the brightness, instinctively closed her eyes.

Moments later, as the lights slowly disappeared, Sachie slowly opened her eyes, only to be met with an extraordinary sensation. Something within her had changed. She felt an electric buzz coursing through her tentacles, an electrifying energy that surged with power. It was her newfound superpower!

Sachie decided to test her abilities. She squeezed her tank. Then, she extended one of her 8 electrified tentacles towards a nearby coral reef. As she made contact, a wave of electricity surged through her tentacle and lit up the area. It was incredible! Sachie had gained the power of bioluminescence, the ability to emit her own radiant light.

Elated by her discovery, Sachie set out on her new adventure. She glided through the aquarium’s darkened waters, her bioluminescent display painting mesmerizing patterns on the surrounding rocks and corals. Her ocean friends watched in awe as she created a living masterpiece.

Sachie’s newfound superpower spread quickly among the aquarium’s residents. Everyone wanted to witness her breathtaking light shows, from the smallest seahorses to the grandest sea turtles. Sachie became a beloved celebrity of the aquatic world.

Every night, all the sea creatures in the aquarium gathered together to see Sachie’s incredible superpower and go and explore the aquarium together.

And so, Sachie, the octopus with a heart full of curiosity and a tentacle full of light, continued her midnight strolls, illuminating the aquatic wonders of the Assura Bay Aquarium, one dazzling display at a time.

Written by Bella (Yeonseo) Lim from Jeju, South Korea