It was a beautiful day at the Assura Bay Aquarium. Unlike the previous day, it was sunny and golden rays of light came streaming into the grand windows in the aquarium. Visitors swarmed, an average day at Assura Bay. Dolphins performed fantastic shows, tidepool creatures were petted by the visitors, and some animals just went on with their day. That was the case for the quiet octopus in the middle of the aquarium. The bright red creature sat nicely on a rock, observing the thick crowds through the clear glass of her tank. All too soon for her, visitor hours ended, and soon after the lights in the aquarium went out. Doors slammed, and workers left for the day. It became very quiet, except for some occasional splashing. The octopus slept. Later, she woke up, excitedly. She swam to the top of her tank and slid her tentacles out of the small hole on the top of her enclosure. Slowly, she squeezed out. The octopus crept out on top of her tank and slid down the side of it, dampening the sticker on her tank that read, “Hello! My name is Sachie!” Sachie was an average giant Pacific octopus, but that would soon change. Every night, Sachie explored Assura Bay for a few minutes then returned to her tank, so she wouldn’t dry out. Sachie visited a few tanks with incredible animals. Her favorite tank to visit was the other octopus tank. She soon realized she needed to head back. Sachie hurried back to her tank with only 45 seconds until she would dry out. She passed by an electric eel tank which was home to Aki the eel. Sachie stopped to admire the beautiful eel. Aki, without warning, excitedly zapped the tank with her voltage. Sachie was momentarily blinded by the flashing lights. Opening her eyes, Sachie stumbled away from the tank, feeling extra wet and slippery. She hadn’t dried out. Sachie then realized that because of Aki, she had received an octopus superpower! She could stay out of water as long as she wanted without drying out! This overjoyed the adventurous octopus and she made plans for the next night. That night, once the employees left, she escaped from her tank. She explored the entire aquarium. Sachie visited animals she had never seen, before her superpower, because their tanks had been too far away. Sachie also had the ability to move faster across the smooth floor of the aquarium! She decided to visit the octopus tank again. She watched the other octopus swim happily. Sachie noticed something peculiar on top of the other octopus’ tank. Making her way to the top, she squeezed through a hole and jumped into the tank. Swimming with her new friend in the glow of the moonlight, Sachie couldn’t wait to go on more adventures and meet new friends, perhaps even outside of the aquarium she called home.

Written by Violet P. from Georgia