Mission Paws

One early morning, I felt super weird. I felt tiny. My toes didn’t touch the end of my blanket! Actually, I didn’t feel my toes. It felt sharp! I opened my eyes.

AHHHHHH!!!” I screamed. First, I couldn’t see proper colors; I only saw blue and gray. Second, there was a huge hole in my blanket! How did that happen? I ran to the bathroom. 

Just then, my sister, Alice, opened my door.

Abagail?”  she said. “Brush your teeth, breakfast is ready! Huh? She must be already brushing her teeth.” she said, closing the door. Since we have a cat, we have a mini mirror. I don’t know why though. I looked through the mirror. I’m a cat! A white cat with black whiskers. My eyes, orange, staring in the mirror. I’m gonna report this to my friends. I hope they recognize me!

I didn’t need to go to their house because they were on the sidewalk. They were cats too! I ran to them! 

Abagail? You’re a cat too?” said Izzy, one of my friends. 

told you, Izzy!” said Tyler. 

Yeesh! It’s not a big deal. Anyway, is there any way to reverse my cat body, and yours too?” I asked. 

Yeah! May be in the enchanted library! Let’s go!“, said Izzy. We ran across the street, to the enchanted library. We snuck in. Gladly, the librarian dropped the key in front of the door, I picked it up and hopped upon the stack of Izzy & Tyler, I unlocked it just before it fell out of my paws. We raced in. 

They’re so many books!” said Izzy. 

How will we find a spell for reversing our cat bodies?” said Tyler, “We’ll just have to search,” I said.

They searched until Ms. Ensley, the librarian came.

Quick, hide!” I whisper quickly. The doorbell jingled, it was my sister! She is sixteen, so she can go wherever she wants, hmph!

Hi, Ms. Ensley I would have brought Abagail, but she’s outside playing with Izzy and Tyler, also… I found this reverse a cat spell book in my home. Here you go!” Alice said. Alice hands Ms. Ensley the book. We need to get that book! For once, I have to do a mission without Izzy & Tyler. Right when my sister took a stroll to the shelf, I dodged to the return book shelf, grabbed the book and ran outside. The book said to tap your nose three times, I did that. I turned into a human! I walked in and sat down next to Izzy and Tyler, I tapped their nose three times, poof! They were human! We happily ran home! What a weird day!

Written by Shriya Kondoju

Picture of Shriya Kondoju whose story in the Elementary age category of Guardian Whiskers' Taradiddle Youth Writing Contest received an honorable mention.