Collette’s Cat Story

Chapter 1: Collette & Katy

Cockadoodledoo! Collette woke up on 6-13-2019. She is a seven year old farmer. Then she went to wake Katy, her little koala friend. “Time to start morning chores!” “OH HELLO! Morning Chores!?” Katy couldn’t believe it. Collette called for her dog. “Let’s go, LEO!!!!!!!!!” “Woof!” Five minutes later… “GO BOY!!!!!! To the sheep!” Leo ran to lead the sheep out to the pasture. One minute later, Katy got the eggs. (Crack!) Collette milked the cows. Katy weeded the garden. (Whoops!) Collette planted tomatoes. Katy gave new mud to the pigs. (Splash!) “How about I pick the peas & lettuce?” Collette suggested. “Because, um, uh…” “Okay,” said Katy, thinking she’d just gotten out of extra work because she worked so hard, not because Collette was afraid of her destroying the garden. “I’ll sit right here on the fence,” Katy said, and she climbed up. After a while, Katy got tired of waiting. She began to dance on the fence, with a cracked egg on her head, piled up with weeds, and covered in mud. “Duh, da da duh, da da duh, da da duh!”

Collette and Katy continued their farm work for the rest of the day. Ten hours later, Beatrice, Collette’s mom, called them in. Abigail, Collette’s eight year old sister, was eating at the dinner table. “Why do you still have that little koala?” Abigail said, as Collette and Katy sat down. The family talked about the work of the day, and then they went to bed.

Chapter 2: The Mysterious Cat

COCKADOODLEDOO!!! Collette noticed the rooster was in her room this morning. Yikes! “Shoo! Scat! Scatter!” She got out of bed and went to wake up Katy. “Time to start morning chores!” “OH HELLO!” shouted Katy as usual, and then, “WHY ARE YOU A CAT?!” Collette immediately ran to the mirror, with Katy on her shoulder. Her reflection was a purple cat with yellow stripes. “Why am I a cat?!” she shouted. Then, “Why am I purple with yellow stripes?! Am I supposed to be a cat, or a king?” Katy jumped on Collette’s head and spun upside down, somehow getting stuck. Collette ran downstairs to find her mom, but as she looked around the kitchen, she saw that everyone else in her family was made of stone. She jumped up on the table and found a little note. The note said, “To unfreeze your family, you must be aware, because you have a serious quest. But then it will become a mystery once again. And then once you’ve found that it was a mystery again, you will open your eyes, and everything will make sense, and you will solve it. Love, Dynamo. P.S. I hate your little koala.”

Collette stuffed the note in her pocket and ran outside. She ran as fast as she could, away from the barn. When she got into town, she saw that the people there were not made of stone. But then she found out something very weird: Now she had wings. She flew up high, her wings stopped flapping, and when she almost reached the ground, her wings started to flap again. She flew up to a cloud. She was afraid to touch it, because it would probably get water on her wings, and then she would fall. But then her wings went crazy, making her run right into the cloud. It was like hitting the ground, but way softer. She looked around and saw a rainbow flowing from one cloud to another, like a waterfall. There were other winged cats around, and they were all moving toward the rainbow and drinking from it. So Collette did, too. Katy immediately popped off of her head! She landed softly on the cloud too. “OH Hello!” she said, and then she began to drink the water too, before starting to tap dance like crazy, singing, “Katy the Koala! Katy the Koalaa. Katy the Koala! Katy the Koala!!!”

Chapter 3: The Bloody Monster

From underneath the cloud arose a black monster, with black horns, with red eyes, with blue hands, and with white claws. It began to drink all the water in the rainbow, and then it grew to twice its size. Collette pulled the note out of her pocket and read it again. She had an idea, but she didn’t say it out loud. Katy said, “fight it!” But Collette said no. The monster zapped Collette with a green beam. The beam made Collette close her eyes, and then she opened them, and then she knew how to get the monster. “Tickle him!” Everyone could hear, and Katy said, “TICKLE!” and leaped onto the beast. Everyone else ran to hide, but with Katy tickling him, the monster fell right through the cloud. Katy began to fall with him, but she leapt into Collette’s arms. “I am an egghead, with weeds around me, and covered in mud!” she sang, and she did appear to have an egg on her head, covered in weeds and mud. Suddenly, the world began to fade away. Katy got one last sip of the rainbow water, accidentally getting eggs in it (oops!), and Collette was in her bed, with Katy jumping on her head! She was still covered in eggs, weeds, and mud, but everything else seemed to be gone. “Oh hello!” Katy said, “The rooster crowed in your ear this morning, and I need a bath.” “Is Mom still made of stone?” Collette asked. Katy said “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Written by Kerrigan James Walsh