Frequently Asked Questions

How do children enter the contest?

Children 9-13 will need a guardian to enter them into the contest. Parents submit the entry form on behalf of their child and agree to the contest waiver. After completing the entry form, parents will receive an invitation to the contest and contest rules by email.

How do 14-18-year-old youth enter?

Youth can enter the contest directly by submitting the entry form. Youth will receive an invitation to the contest and contest rules by email.

What are the prizes?

Each contest usually offers special prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. These are listed along with the contest details. In addition to these prizes, honorable mentions can receive Taradiddle shirts and swag. 

How long are contest stories?

Contest story prompts are sent from Taradiddle and always involve animals. Stories range from 500 max. to 2,000 max. words. Keep an eye on your inbox for story requirements after you submit your entry form!

When are story prompts announced?

The story prompts are announced four times per year. Check out our home page and subscribe to receive our emails for the exact date and time each quarter.

How long do participants have to write their stories?

Contest duration varies from 24 hours to 1 week. Sign up to get contest details.

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When and how are winners announced?

Finalists are announced first, winners are announced two weeks after finalists are in! Winners are announced first by email to the entrants, and then on and Taradiddle’s facebook page.

What makes a winning story?

Winning stories have great endings, a surprise or twist, a range of emotions, and a life lesson.

Where to start?

Taradiddle writing prompts and story guidelines are designed to spark creativity and interest, but the rest is up to you! Write about something you are passionate or curious about. Celebrate your own life experiences and interests.

What are the subjects of the stories?

Subjects are up to you! Taradiddle provides a story prompt with an animal, but you can introduce new animal and human characters to enhance the story.

How does Taradiddle judge stories?

Stories are judged in age categories. The children’s category includes 9-13 year olds, and the youth category includes 14-18 year olds. Originality is a large part of judging. It’s important the story comes from the young writer’s imagination. We encourage participants to write abstract solutions to the story prompt.

Who owns the story?

Contest participants own their story creations. Taradiddle requests permission to share stories, first name and age in the contest terms.

What is the judging process?

All stories entered are read and separated into finalist and other categories. 20 stories are considered as finalists and re-read by randomly selected judges coordinated by the Guardian Whiskers Organization. Based on the judge rankings, one participant from both the children and youth categories are selected for gold, bronze and silver rankings. We have a special Taradiddle Award for participants who overcome ability or emotional challenges to participate in the contest.